Easy Way to Get Free Cardboard Boxes for Moving

One of the things you will have to assemble is packaging, and to this end, you will need to find as many cardboard boxes as possible to pack your house before moving. In light of the effects that moving can have on a family’s expenses, this article has looked at ways of making other financial adjustments.

Obtaining free cardboard boxes can significantly reduce your moving expenses and help minimise waste. However, it’s crucial to remember to always ask for the owner’s permission, especially when the boxes are from outside the stores or any related structure. This is a polite and thoughtful manner of interacting with others, not merely a formality, that can support preserving good connections with the community.

The eight locations listed below are likely to give you free cardboard moving boxes, which will undoubtedly save you a tonne of money.

Local Retail Stores

It also implies that your chances of obtaining free cardboard boxes for moving from retail stores nearby are rather high. The only way actually is to approach the manager and ask him to provide you with cardboard boxes for your move for free. Checklist of local retail stores are:

  • Grocery stores
  • Liquor stores
  • Bookstores
  • Departmental stores
  • Print and Copy centre
  • Stationery shops

Consult Your Friends and Family

Don’t forget to consult your loved ones. Start with your friends and family, as they might have extra boxes from deliveries or moves that they haven’t had time to recycle.

By taking these boxes and packing supplies off their hands and putting them to good use, you’re not just saving money but also fostering a more sustainable and connected community. In fact, you might even be doing your friends and family a favour. They might also know someone who has extra boxes, further expanding this network of sharing and recycling.

So, reach out and start gathering your free moving supplies today!

Easy Way to Get Free Cardboard Boxes for Moving

Online Marketplaces

Likewise, it simply takes a few seconds to join several online markets and enter a few keywords into the search field to get people who are giving away moving boxes for free. Just be aware there are plenty of sponsored posts mixed in that are somewhat tiresome, like no Freecycle. The social media marketplaces include:

  • Gumtree
  • Craigslist
  • Facebook


It was common to find a variety of cardboard boxes piled up at the supermarket checkout. If you can convince them, they will give you free boxes according to your moving needs.

Coffee shops

Coffee shops are a good place to try your luck as well because, similar to supermarkets, they receive significant deliveries of stock on a regular basis. Just be sure to include the desired box size (small, medium, or big).

Fast Food Restaurants

Although they might not seem like the best option, fast-food establishments might be an excellent source of free moving boxes. Given that they will be receiving many deliveries on a regular basis, there ought to be no shortage of complimentary cardboard boxes available. Because they are designed to transport big products like frozen food and large orders, many of the boxes will be of a high calibre.

Free Cardboard Boxes

Community Recycling Centres

The recycling centre closest to you is another location to search. Since all cardboard boxes end up here when they’re not in use, there ought to be an abundance of them. Note that you might be better off going to a recycling centre that takes in corrugated cardboard boxes.

Garden Centres

One excellent source of cardboard boxes is garden centres. To ensure that consumers can get their purchases of plants home without breaking them or getting soil in their car boots, many still leave a load out by the checkouts.

Just ensure that moist soil or watering hasn’t compromised the boxes. Everyone dislikes a wet bottom, and it is disastrous when it occurs on a cardboard box.

In the End

In conclusion, many different ways exist through which a person may access free cardboard boxes for moving. Asking friends and relatives can help in many cases, and searching for potential suppliers on the internet, for example on Facebook Marketplace and via Gumtree.

More sources are available in communities, like Next-door and Freecycle, for getting the boxes as well. Moreover, boxes of any size can usually be found easily in many commercial outlets, including supermarkets, bookstores, and even fast food restaurants.

By using these facilities, one can obtain strong packing material at a relatively low cost and cut waste.

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