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We are a business ourselves. We know how important it is for you to have your items removed, transferred and set up at your new location. This also needs performing as fast as possible. Any delays could result in the loss of valuable business or clients. It is vital that there is no interruption in the continuity of your business.

We can help:

Our staff can come over after working hours. We then move everything overnight. Everything will then be up and ready for you to start working immediately the following day.

We can also be of help over the weekend. This way, not even a single working day is lost.

Our personnel are capable of packing everything with care and attention. They will handle all delicate equipment correctly and transport them with care. If there are any large items, we inspect them to see if they need dismantling. We do so only if we are confident that they can be re-assembled back together at the new location.

All this requires a bit of planning in advance. We would be more than happy to come over and study your requirements. We determine which items we can transport together. This helps us to make the best use of available van/truck cabin space and bring down costs. We then give you an estimate.

We also work close with you to determine which items you need us to transport. We note where they need to be set up at the new location. We then work according to your needs. Everything, down to the last item, will be exactly where you need it. This will be complete on time and with due care and attention.

Our personnel are experts in the art of office removals London. You do not have to worry about anything.

We can also provide insurance to guard your items against damage in transit.

For all your office removals London, get in touch with us we are more than happy to help.

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