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Man and Van Near Me

Man and Van Services: When to Use it?

While moving home or business within a local area, it is a good idea to hire a man and van service. Instead of using a larger removal company to move your things locally if you hire a man and van service, you will actually save money in the long run while you can get a personalised and experienced service.

This moving service allows you to curtail your expenses during your relocation. For instance, you can choose your van size based on the number of goods you need to transfer. You can take a small-sized van for transporting your smaller possessions and pay less.

In some circumstances a man and van service can be really helpful. Here is a list of such occasions when you should opt for Man and Van Near Me service.


When Should You Use a Man and Van Service?

• Shifting Homes and Businesses

When you are moving your home or office from one area to another, a man and van moving service is the right choice for you. A team of skilled and experienced professionals will relocate your things in a hassle-free way. Furthermore, they also aid in dismantling and re-assembling your furniture for your convenience.

If you opt for a larger removal company to carry out your move you will have to pay extra as they engage large trucks that need more petrol to run. Choose a smaller man and van service near me, which allows to share their fuel savings with their clients. So, you can move your entire household or business at a much lesser price than what it would cost if you choose a larger moving company.

Some Man and Van Near Me service also allows travelling in the van along with your belongings to your new location if there is a vacant seat.

• Delivery Service

If you are selling some products and want to deliver them to your clients, a man and van service will come in handy. They will deliver all your products on time in perfect condition. You can even consider to make a man and van service your business delivery partner and rely on them completely.

• Moving for Events

As a business owner if you want to participate in an event for displaying your products or service, you will require a man and van service to perform the moving without any hassle.

Transferring your products or equipment to the event venue and back will be easy with the help of these professionals. They will transport all the items without damaging them and help make the whole experience less stressful.

Opt for a man and van service near me and get assistance to mantle and dismantle your company stands while you can stay relaxed. As a result, you can handle other issues in the exhibition. Apart from this, these professionals will make sure that everything is perfect for you in the exhibition.

In Conclusion

As now you know when to hire a man and van service near me, choose them whenever you need local shifting and get a pleasant experience. In fact, for your local relocation this is the best moving service that you can opt for.

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Packing Boxes in London

Best Packing Boxes Service in North London

When you are shifting or relocating to a new place, the most worrisome and overwhelming task is to transport your goods safely to your new destination. To transfer your belongings properly and keep them intact you must ensure that right and quality packing boxes are used while packing your items.

If you hire the best packing boxes service in North London while shifting, they will provide you the right packing boxes for proper packaging of all your possessions. They will also pack everything for you in the most efficient way that ensures your belongings will remain safe and intact no matter how far they need to be transferred.

But in case you opt for packing your things yourself and choose a mover only to transfer your things, then you must know the right kind of packing boxes in London for proper packaging your different items.

Make use of suitable cartons that are suitable for transferring your goods and ensure less chance of damage. You must avoid using too heavy boxes that can break or too light that can crush when they are stacked in the moving vehicle.

Packing boxes in London

Varied Packing Boxes for Effective Packaging

  • Cartons

Made of layered paper, cartons are quite strong to pack heavy weight goods. You can utilise these packing boxes in London for packaging any sort of item. These are available in multiple shapes and sizes from which you have to pick the right kind for your different belongings. When you understand the use of varied kinds of cartons, you can pack your items in the right boxes. With proper packing, your prized items are sure to reach your new venue easily and safely. The different carton sizes are explained below.

  • Book or Small Carton (1.5 Cubic Foot)

This carton is suitable to be used for general-purpose packaging. Typically, the heaviest and the smallest items are packed in this size of the carton. It is ideal to pack heavy equipment or tools, canned goods, books, CDs and many more in this carton.

  • Medium Carton (3.0 Cubic Foot)

Known as a workhouse carton, this medium carton is appropriate for packing small, as well as heavy things. These include small kitchen appliances, small tools, lamp bases, electronic gadgets, pots and pans and others.

  • Medium Carton (4.5 Cubic Foot)

Another variant of the workhouse carton, this is suitable for storing the big items. This carton can be considered to pack larger dishes, lamps and vases, lampshades, non-breakable kitchen items, children’s toys, soft blankets, linens and many more.

  • Large Carton (6.0 or 6.5 Cubic Foot)

It is appropriate for the larger, bulkier and hard-to-carry items like stuffed toys, pillows, heavy blankets, winter clothes, area rugs and other things.

  • Corrugated Cardboard Boxes

One of the most extensively used packing boxes in London with versatile usage, this corrugated cardboard box comes in variable shapes and sizes. This variant of the packaging box is strong enough to provide maximum protection to your belongings and doesn’t damage the surface of your things. When not in use, you can fold the box and store it in a convenient place. Quite economical, this box is one of the most practical packing materials.

  • Wooden Box

Wooden boxes are usually utilised for an international move and pack heavy commodities. You can even use these sturdy packing boxes in London for long distance shifting. These are also found in a variety of sizes and shapes.

  • Modular Box

A wide range of modular boxes, such as mattress boxes, designed boxes, packer boxes, cushioned boxes and others are used by the removal companies to pack good for safe transportation. This packing material is ideal to pack fragile items to transport them safely. Moreover, these boxes are pre-cushioned that provide maximum protection to the delicate things and prevents them from breaking.

Why is it Essential to Hire the Best Packing Boxes Service in North London?

To pack your belongings yourself while moving, you need to give considerable effort and time. Moreover, you must also have adequate knowledge about packing things to do it in the right way. The best packing boxes service in North London has efficient and knowledgeable packing staff, who are particularly trained to pack different kinds of household and office items properly and prevent them from potential breakage or damage during their transfer. 

Apart from saving your valuable time, the experienced packing professionals make use of high-quality packing materials that provides complete safety to your belongings while moving them. The best packing boxes service in North London understands the importance of the correct way of packing things, especially the fragile items and packs them with extra care and caution so that they don’t chip or crack when they are moved. The prowess that professional packing services obtain in packing various things is only possible with extensive experience and expertise. So, hiring reliable packing services is one of the most important decisions you should make when you plan to move. 

The Bottom Line

Packing your possessions while moving or relocating to a new location is not easy. This article shares with you the different kinds of packing boxes in London to guide you to pick the right one for packaging your belongings. However, it is always better to hand over this responsibility to a professional packer and mover company and hire them to carry out your whole moving process smoothly and conveniently.

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Removal Companies in London

Choosing the Right Removal Companies in London: What Things to Consider?

Relocating to a new city or moving your house is quite a stressful activity. Instead of doing the process all by yourself, consider to hire a removal company in London to get the whole process done smoothly and in a hassle-free way. Engaging a quality mover will not only provide efficient service, but also offer many other benefits.

However, if you fall into the trap of movers with bad repute and doing shoddy practices, you might experience unpleasant severe consequences including damage or loss of your belongings. So, it is necessary to do proper research before you choose to get help from a mover service provider.

Removals companies near me in London

Check out the top tips to pick your ideal removal company to do your relocating free of tension.

How to Find a Good Removal Company?

• Make Online Search of a Good Removal Company

As it is a common practice nowadays to search for anything through the internet, it can be a good way to make a start. When you type “Removal companies near me”, you will get a huge list of them. However, all these service providers shown online are not authentic and can be following bad practices.

After going through the website of the removal companies thoroughly, narrow down few companies within your territory and compare their prices and other options.

• Check a Comparison Website with Reviews

Reading the feedbacks written by the customers about the moving companies is a great way of choosing your ideal removal company. You can also get bonuses in some comparison sites for using them. In addition to this, try to score a few free offers if you prefer to use one.

• Get the Quotes from Your Chosen Removal Companies

Now, ask for the quotes from the companies you have selected about a month before you move. Before that consider what services you require from them. Inform them whether you are moving house or office, if you want your fragile items and electronic goods to be packed up with extra care and other details. If you need staff to pack up your things while going to a new house or to store them, tell the company representatives about it so that they can provide you with nearly accurate quotes.

• Secure a Pre-Move Visual Survey

Consider the companies that want to make a first-hand visual survey of your belongings. The company representatives will come to your place to assess how much time it will take to pack and move your belongings and the number of staff they will have to allot for providing you service.

It will also provide you a good opportunity to check out the mover. If you are satisfied enough and can trust them to handle your removal in London, then this company is your right choice.

• Check the Services Offered

Be sure to ask for all the services offered before you select your removal company. Check whether your potential company will provide the services that meet all your requirements.

• Check the Insurance Coverage Offered

All removal companies offer insurance coverage of the goods they will transport. Know about the level of coverage your preferred moving companies will provide before choosing one. This is essential as you will be compensated if your belongings suffer from any unforeseen damages due to accidents, natural calamity or other problems when they are transferred.

• Know About the Complaints Policy

Though you may not need to do it, it is a good idea to be sure whether your potential mover has a complaints policy or not. A good removal company in London will not have any issues with you in this case. Get the documents before you move and you will be prepared to deal with it just in case.

In Conclusion

These tips will surely help you to choose the right removal company that will aid you in inefficient moving. Have a happy relocation!

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Packers and Movers in London

The Many Benefits of Hiring Packers and Movers

It is quite a hectic task to pack and move your belongings to another place without any professional assistance. Whether it is home relocation or office shifting or relocating to a different city for the sake of job transfer, seeking the service of an accredited and insured removal company is the best bet.

The process of packing up, shifting to a new home or city and unpacking is a strenuous activity and is not easy without any professional help. Let us explore the major benefits of employing packers and movers in London in making your shifting easier.

Packers and Movers in London

• Provides Packing Materials

Packers and movers provide their own cartons, covering sheets and other packing materials to pack all the things in multiple layers. This makes sure that the goods will not be broken or damaged while transferring them.

• Packs and Unpacks the Items

While relocating to a new home or city, the packing process itself involves lot of stress and can take up a lot of time. The whole process of packing, transporting your items and unpacking is quite a time-consuming task and may take days, if not weeks, to carry it out yourself. You can save your valuable time simply by hiring packers and movers in London. Every responsibility will be taken by the professional and experienced crew helping you to stay relaxed.

Furthermore, you can remain tension-free about the safety of your stuff and unpacking them in your new venue. You can get back to your normal regular work schedule in a short time.

• Efficient and Hazard-Free Shifting

To avoid all the hassles and concerns associated with transferring your goods alone, it is a good idea to get assistance from packers and movers in London. These professional service providers ensure that not a single item including furniture, decorative items, appliances and others are damaged and aid in relocating all the things safely.

The skilled staffs use soft wrapping material and cushioning while packing the delicate or easy chipped items to prevent damage. They pack the items in such a way that they use the least possible area of the truck. After reaching your destination, the staff will unload all the things and assist you in unpacking. You can even get help in setting up your heavy furniture and bulky appliances right away.

• Helps in Loading, Unloading and Transporting

You don’t have to find labours to load and unload your belongings when you hire a professional packers and movers. These service providers send efficient labours to pick heavy load and unevenly shaped items including cupboards, refrigerator and other items. So, you can relax while your packers and movers personnel handle everything from packing your goods to unpacking in your new place.

• Insurance and Claims

Professional packers and movers service providers offer transit insurance covering all the commodities they transfer. So, you do not have to stress yourself by thinking if your valuable goods face accidental damage on the way.

Moreover, they even settle any claims within a few days if in case there is any accidental damage. This factor itself is the reason why you should choose professional packers and movers in London.

  • Concluding Note

Even if you are having a huge manpower to handle the shifting process, still it is better to hire a professional packers and movers to do it efficiently. They have the required experience and knowledge of handling the whole process in the right way. Even, if there are some issues during the shifting, these professionals know how to overcome them. So, give the responsibility of packing and moving your items to reliable packers and movers and be stress-free.

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House & Flat Moves


Home Moves Holloway North London

Are you Moving House Holloway North London? We know the most difficult part of moving out of your old home and into a new one is the whole process of shifting all your household goods which can at times seem like a monumental task. This is where we come in; rest assured that we will be on hand to help every step of the way; we have the experience and expertise to perform a variety of Home Moves Holloway North London.

We always recommend visiting a property prior to perform a site survey, but we also understand that this is not always possible since work and other commitment often get in the way. Under these circumstances we are happy to ask a variety of specific questions to determine how we could best cater for your moving needs and thus offer the best value for your money and prices that are hard to find and beat.

Our team are trained and experienced professionals who love to work on Home Moves Holloway in North London and will stop at nothing to ensure that everything you entrust to us gets to its intended destination safely and securely without as much as a scratch on it.

This is very much evident from the way we pack all your items; we treat everything as though it was fragile, we handle them with care and meticulous attention. You can observe how we unload your belonging and we are happy to place everything where you need them. We also re-assemble all dismantled items and leave you with the same original set-up.

You might think all this would be too much; If you don’t have many items to transport and feel confident of doing the packing yourself, we can offer one of our trucks/vans on an hourly rate. If you need more than one vehicle, we can do that for you as well. Need one man to help with the loading and unloading? Need two or even three men? Whatever be your requirements, we have flat rates that suit your budget.

Call us today and tell us what you need we are here to help. We always look forward to hearing from you.

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Office Moves


Minimising Downtime:

Are you looking for a company that specialises in office moves barnet? if so you’ve just found us; we are a company that values all our customers and are equally passionate about what we do and how we do it.  We completely understand how important it is for a business to have all its critical items carefully and skilfully; loaded; transferred and set up at its new location efficiently.

Time is always of the essence when we perform any move; ‘time is money’ as the old adage goes; it is always our goal to complete all moves in a timely and efficient manner and thus minimise productivity and downtime to our business customers. Delays more often than not result in the loss of valuable business or clients; this is why we always aim to minimise interruption in the continuity of your business by engaging with all the necessary parties prior.

Timing Is Everything:

With all business moves, it strongly advised that they are completed after working hours; this allows our team to prepare and move everything overnight when it is less hectic as we aim to have everything up and ready for you to start working immediately the following day.

We can also perform your business move over the weekend; this is probably the best option if the company is in no position to lose even a single working weekday.

Our team is conscientious and happy to pack everything with meticulous attention; they will handle all delicate equipment correctly and transport them with great care. If there are any large items, which maybe pose a challenge to transport whole; we will inspect them to see if they need dismantling. If this is the case we will only do so if we are confident that they can be re-assembled back together at the new location.

Meticulous Planning:

All this requires a considerable amount of planning in advance to ensure that everything goes smoothly on the day. We strongly recommend that a site survey is performed prior to the commencement of your business move. We would be more than delighted to come over and discuss with the relevant management team any specific requirements which the business may have in relation to the move. This will also allow us to get an understanding of the scale of the project the possible manpower and van or truck size required for its successful completion. This, in turn, will allow us to offer extremely competitive and accurate quotes.

Forging Relationships:

During the planning stage, we will work closely with the relevant team to determine the specific items that need transporting and the exact location where it needs to be placed in your new location. We will be on hand to cater for your every need; rest assured that no request will be too much for us to perform. We will place everything down to the last item exactly where you need it; this will be completed on time and with due care and attention.

Our team are experts in the art of office moves barnet; When it comes to performing your business move we are on hand to help to complete it successfully.

Just to give you more reassurance our insurance covers your items against damage in transit.

For all your office moves barnet, get in touch with us; we are more than happy to help.

Man And Van


We like to think of ourselves as the best Man and Van company in North London, this is with good reason as we pull no punches when it comes to the quality of our service, we are always striving for perfection and will not stop until our valued customers are fully satisfied.

  • Our vans are new and always meticulously clean.
  • Our prices are incredibly competitive.
  • Our staff members are friendly and always willing to help out with a smile.
  • We come recommended by Remax Estate agents and SafeStore

We have assisted countless amount of people to move their belonging carefully and efficiently throughout London and the UK with our Man and Van service; because we value each and every one of our customers we place enormous emphasis on ensuring that every customer leaves with a positive experience.

We offer both hourly and set rates for our Man and a van Service North London

There are three booking options that can be selected by the customer depending on their budget; these options are:

  • Self-loading
  • One Man helping with the loading/unloading
  • Two men helping with the loading/unloading

So if you’re not sure exactly which option would be suitable for you just gives us a call and we will be more than happy to discuss your requirements and offer our advice; after all, we are the experts and always on hand to advise.

Our Man with a van North London service is ideal for those looking for the following:

  • Move a small one bed flat
  • Move a room full of belongings
  • Student Moves
  • eBay or shpock collection and deliveries
  • Furniture collection and deliveries

Our rates are extremely competitive and our quality of service is second to none; rest assured you will find us to be worth every penny and that is a promise. If you manage to obtain a more competitive price elsewhere we guarantee to match or beat it.

So stop thinking and get in touch with us so that we can provide you with the best rates for your man with a van North London.


Collection & Delivery


Are you looking for a collection and delivery service in North London?

We provide a collection and delivery service in North London; we can collect Items from any particular location and deliver them to another.

We are efficient and professional and take great care when handling your items during transit; so you can take comfort in the knowledge that your item will be transported by our experienced couriers who know the bumpy roads well.

We just don’t focus on bulk orders; we welcome customers who need single items moved from A to B; this could be a piece of furniture that is difficult to transport in a car.

Our collection and delivery rates are competitive and affordable; you can opt for a self-loading service; one man or a two-man team; you may have an item that requires a three or a four-man team, if so don’t worry; we still have the manpower for the job, just let us know and we will make all the necessary arrangements.

If you’re a store owner who needs something delivered without damage to a customer, call us and let us take care of it. We promise that our collection and delivery service is exceptional and second to none.

Our team is also happy to assist with any packing if needed; if an item cannot be transported whole we will dismantle the item at the collection point and then re-assemble it at the delivery location.

If it is something that you need delivering to your home address; just tell us where to collect it from and we will do the rest. We guarantee that your item will arrive in exactly the same condition as collected.

You can rest easy knowing your item is in safe hands with us.

Please feel free to give us a call if you would like our help with a collection and delivery service in North London.

House Clearance

What does it entail?
Our house clearance service Islington is a popular service and we often find ourselves inundated.

A clearance involves much more than the collection of unwanted items. For us, as a green company, there’s the added responsibility of disposing of them in a safe manner. We are a member of the Environment Agency and as a result of this; have a waste carrier’s license which is mandatory.

We take care to ensure that any item that is recyclable finds its’ way to a recycling centre instead of a landfill. We consider ourselves to be a responsible social company. This is because we ensure that all items in good condition from a clearance go to a suitable charity.

Who does it benefit?

Our house clearance Islington service is particularly beneficial to people who are looking to:

  • De-clutter;
  • Minimise or
  • Free up some extra room in a property, garage, attic, basement or shed.

So if you select for our clearance service our well trained, polite and uniformed team will be on hand to help. We will arrive at your property in our large vans and get to work in clearing all your unwanted items. Upon completion, we will leave your property spotless and free from any of debris.

What’s the cost of a clearance?

The cost of any particular clearance varies as it is not possible to offer a single set price. 

There are certain factors which impact the cost of a clearance, these are:

  • The size of property or office clearance
  • What is the clearance (weight & quantity)
  • The manpower required to perform the clearance
  • The van or truck size required to perform the clearance
  • The time required to complete the clearance

We will be able to offer a competitive quote once we have all the answers to the questions above.

So if you would like a competitive quote for your house clearance service Islington call us today on 0207 101 4892

Storage Services


Storage Solution:

Are you moving out of the country? If the answer is yes contact us to find out how we can arrange storage solution for you with our partners. They can offer both short and long-term storage solutions.

You might be thinking of freeing up space in your home or office if so we are the people you need to get in touch with, we can arrange storage for your belongings until you move into your new home or office. We have partners throughout North, South, East and West London. We will arrange storage solution with one of our partner who is closest to your location.

Leave It To Us:

Tell us what your needs are and we will make all the necessary arrangements. Once we have determined your storage capacity, we will send a van to collect your belonging. We will proceed to pack your belongings in the right way taking care and attention. We are experts at packing and it makes no difference to us whether it is:

  • Files;
  • Furniture;
  • Soft furnishings;
  • Valuable art or even wine collection.

We are the go-to company when it comes to storage solution throughout London.

Our Partners:

We work in partnership with the following storage companies:

The storage facilities we recommend have good security measures to prevent theft. If you want to see this for yourself, please contact us.

When it comes to packing your items into your unit you are in great hands. We are great thinkers when it comes to utilising space.  

You don’t need to worry about damage occurring to your items when we pack them away into your allocated room.  We take a methodical approach and ensure that heavy items are not placed on top of fragile items. We will pack your unit in a way that allows you ease of access.

If you are worried about fire, theft or any other natural calamity you needn’t be. The storage company insures all your items for such eventualities.

Please feel free to contact us to find out about our various storage options on