Home and Office Clearance

We’re often swamped with work for our home and office clearance service. Clearance—what is it? House or office clearances involve much more than collecting unwanted items. As a green company, we must safely and environmentally dispose of any unwanted items we remove from homes or offices.

A house clearance service can benefit landlords, home buyers, sellers, and anyone else who needs one. This is because old furniture and other unwanted items will eventually need to be disposed of. As we get new stuff, we need to get rid of the old.

Land Lords

Quality Removal Services is kept busy by land lords’ requests to remove old, broken, and unwanted furniture.


Buyers and sellers usually agree on what stays and what goes. Unfortunately, even after agreeing and exchanging keys, the seller may leave items they promised to clear.

This is where we help. Our clearance service will quickly remove the seller’s items. We understand that this is an added inconvenience and expense to the buyer, so our prices are competitive and affordable under the circumstances.


If you lived in the house you sold for years, you probably collected many useful and useless items. When selling and moving, you’ll likely buy new furniture and get rid of the old. You need our home clearance service. We’ll visit your sold home and give you a competitive and fair price for all the furniture and other items you need to get rid of.


As a business grows and advances technologically, new furniture and equipment must be recycled. If you do it yourself, clearing old office furniture and other items can be difficult. Many underestimate the task’s scope.

We strongly advise completing a survey of your office clearance before offering a price to perform the task, because failure to do so will invariably end up costing you more. Also avoid placing a speculative price on the cost of your office clearance since unfortunately you are not in a position to do so.

What’s the cost of a clearance?

No single price can be given for house or office clearance. A house or office clearance’s cost depends on these factors:

  • The size of property or office that needs clearing
  • The items that need clearing particularly the weight and quantity etc
  • The manpower required to perform the clearance
  • The van or truck size required to perform the clearance
  • The time required to complete the clearance

In our experience, a house or office clearance costs approx between:

  • 1 bed property: £400 – £500
  • 2 bed property: £600 – £800
  • 3 bed property: £900 +

These prices may be lower for your house or office clearance. The above prices are for standard, cluttered homes and offices. Before quoting a price, a site survey is recommended since every extreme hoarded house or office has its own complexities and potential issues.

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