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Even the thought of moving home or office is terrifying, let alone the reality of packing your belongings. We haven’t met anyone who enjoys packing, and some even hope to “wing it” on the day the movers arrive.

Whether you’re moving from a room, a four-bedroom house, or a mansion, this is a difficult task (depending on whom you are). Thus, a removal company may be a good choice.

It may cost you, but you’re trading stress for harmony. Keep in mind that not all removal companies offer a packing service, so always ask prospective companies if they do.

We recommend doing your research before hiring a removal company for this service. Some questions to ask are?

  • Has the moving company offered you assurance that this is a service they provide?
  • Does the moving company have an online presence?
  • Does the moving company offer the necessary insurance?
  • Is the moving company able to provide a written quotation for this service?

Providing Packaging Materials

Most professional removal companies can provide all the packing materials needed to complete the job. Professional home packing services use skilled workers to safely pack your belongings. They use proper packing methods to ensure all items arrive safely.

Packing and Unpacking Items

Packing, moving, and unpacking can be time-consuming. You’ve packed everything neatly and are waiting for the moving day and the removal men.

It’s easy to think you’re in the final stretch at this point, and you’d gladly suffer fools. After moving, the final step is unpacking, which can take days, weeks, months or in some cases even years. You can save time by hiring a professional removal company to pack and unpack for you.

Helping Hand

If you’ve chosen to do this yourself, you’ll need to recruit family and friends (sometimes kicking and screaming) to help you move. The people you depend on usually let you down on the big day. Your endless calls go unanswered because they suddenly have that thing to do or lost their phone that day.

Hiring a professional home moving company eliminates the hassle of finding help to load and unload your belongings. Professional movers are polite, accommodating, and willing to help. Avoid the cheapest option—it will stress you out and cost you.

Insurance and Claims

Professional home moving companies offer Goods in Transit insurance to protect your belongings during transport. This is the first question you should ask your chosen moving company, and the level of cover should be documented in any subsequent written quotation. This gives confidence. Avoid removal companies that don’t provide written quotes or insurance documentation.

The terms and conditions of your chosen moving company should also include a section on how they handle complaints and grievances. Don’t use a moving company that doesn’t provide terms and conditions. If you continued, you would be falling into the abyss.

For more information on choosing a moving company, contact us today. We always look forward to hearing from you.

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