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    Moving to a new house can feel adventurous and exciting until it comes down to packing, dismantling the furniture, and loading everything onto the truck, then doing it all again in reverse when you reach your new home.

    However, Quality Removal Services is the leading removals company that takes due care of everything related to home removals. Recognising the unique requirements of each customer, our experts offer diverse removal services you can choose from to best fit your timescale, needs, and budget.

    What Can You Expect from Us?

    Our company offers a comprehensive range of services for house removals in Islington (N1).

    • Moving trucks and workers are an essential part of home removals, and our experienced relocators are on standby to go and get the job done in time.
    • We also offer packing so you can relax and focus on other essential things. Our packers will make sure your possessions are adequately packed for transport.
    • Unpacking can be stressful. After transporting your belongings to your new home, our movers will ensure that your stuff is all unloaded carefully and your furniture is assembled and placed at the desired place.
    House Removals in Islington


    Services Other than Home Removals

    Our specialists provide various services other than house removals in Islington.

    • Storage service is one of our most used services. We provide registered and clean storage units of several sizes where you can temporarily store your belongings.
    • Office removals come with its own issues, but our licenced movers are experienced in this job and can effectively move your office and set you up a new workplace the same day.
    • Clearance service is one of our cost-efficient services. We are here to assist you if you want to clear some stuff around your house or office to create more space.

    Get Insured Home Removal Services with Quality Removals

    • Over a decade of experience in the house removal business
    • Cost-effective prices
    • Variety of services under one roof
    • Experts in taking care of special and expensive items
    • Insurance coverage for items that are being transferred
    • 24/7 availability of a large fleet of vans
    • Dismantling and assembling of furniture
    • Continuous communication during transportation

    Get a Free Quote Today

    If you are looking for house removals in Islington and are confused about who to trust, we are here to guide you through every step. We will not rest until your belongings reach their destination safely and you are settled in your new home. Contact us today, and through our instant quote, analyse your available options.


    We aim to provide stress-free transportation and relief to our customers, including insured transportation for safe removal services.

    The time required to pack depends on the size of the house and the volume of items required to transport. In some cases, we provide same-day packing and delivery; in other cases, we have to pack one day and then transport the other day.

    Yes, we also provide the service of packing and unpacking so that you can focus on other important things.

    You can get a free quote by contacting us and providing us with your requirements. We will provide the most affordable solution for your house removal, according to your requirements.

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