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    Does your company need an office mover? If so, Quality Removal Services is an office removal company that provides a friendly, high-quality service for businesses moving. We’ve moved everything from 60 sqft – 1000 sqft offices.

    Disassembling and reassembling desks, chairs, and cabinets is a breeze for our skilled workers. Every office move is a joy for us. Our methodical and structured approach to business moves helps us understand the key factors that affect a business’s ability to pack, load, transfer, and set up at its new location efficiently.

    Time is money when doing business, as the saying goes. To minimise business customer downtime, we aim to complete all business moves quickly and efficiently. By engaging with all parties beforehand, we aim to minimise disruption to your business and avoid losing valuable business or clients.

    Timing Is Everything

    All business moves should be done after working hours to give our team time to prepare and move everything overnight so you can start working the next day (if possible). If your company can’t lose a single weekday, we can move it over the weekend.

    Our team will carefully pack and transport delicate equipment. We will check if large items can be dismantled. If so, we’ll only move them if we’re sure they can be reassembled.

    Meticulous Planning

    It takes a lot of planning to make the day go smoothly. A site survey is recommended before a business move. We’ll meet with management to discuss the business’s move needs. This will help us determine the move’s manpower, van, and size. We then provide competitive quotes.

    Forging Relationships

    We will collaborate with the relevant team to determine which items need to be transported and where they should be placed in your new location. We’ll take care of everything—no request is too big. Office moves are our specialty, and we’ll help you complete yours.

    Peace of Mind

    To give you peace of mind during an office move, we offer £30,000 Good in Transit insurance (can be increased).Our dispute resolution process is clearly documented from the start and will be included with any subsequent written quotation. To discuss or book your office move, please contact us. Book online or check prices—we’re here to help. We always look forward to hearing from you.

    Office Removal Services

    Recommended Vehicles

    The size of the office move determines the number and size of vehicles used. A 3.5-tonne long-wheelbase transit van can move a 60-square-foot office. Office removal should take two men 2-4 hours.

    A 100-200 sqft office removal requires two to three 3.5-tonne box Luton vans. Office removal requires a four-man team and 6-8 hours.

    A 200-500 sqft office removal requires a 7.5-tonne vehicle and two 3.5-tonne box Luton vans. Office removal requires 6-8 men and 8-10 hours.

    Note that the above information is an estimate. Many factors affect the cost of an office move, so it may or may not be cheaper. These include access, scale, complexity, and skills needed to complete the office move.

    Moving to a new office is a complex and stressful process that entails careful planning, coordination and prompt execution. Office moving encapsulates a number of tasks like packing, loading, unloading and transportation. Along with this are countless intricacies dealt with to ensure a smooth move without any loss. That’s where office removal services come in.

    These specialised services provide a range of solutions to make your move easy, affordable and stress-free. With a well-trained team of professionals, advanced equipment and a thorough understanding to deal with all challenges, they can assist you at every step, ultimately providing a peaceful removal.

    Quality Removal Services is the best solution to all your office removals concerns. Whether you need full or partial office removal, we have the skills, equipment and accessories to provide a quality service that meets your expectations. Connect with us and see how we can give you a memorable experience for your stressful moves.

    Office Removal Services


    Maximise Efficiency with Our Office Removal Experts

    Quality Removal Services leaves no stone unturned to serve its clients in every manner:

    Stress-Free Moving Experience: We are always ready to deal with all aspects of your office removal, whether planning and packing or transportation and unpacking, so you can focus on your financial or personal activities.

    Expertise and Experience You Can Rely on: Having years of experience and a team of skilled professionals, we can handle all types of removals; whether small or complex.

    Efficient and Effective Solutions: We utilise advanced equipment and proven techniques to ensure your removal is completed efficiently, quickly and timely without disturbing your daily life.

    Cost-Effective Options to Fit Your Budget: By understanding your needs and creating a customised plan that fits your budget, we offer convenient solutions at affordable office removals cost.

    Safe and Secure Handling of Your Assets: We take the safety and security of your assets seriously, using high-quality packing materials and secure transportation to ensure that your equipment and furniture arrive at your new location in perfect condition.

    Flexible and Adaptable to Meet Your Unique Needs: Our company knows that each removal is different, so we provide customer-friendly, adaptable solutions to entertain our customers to the maximum.

    Enjoy Peace of Mind with Our Dedicated Service: With us handling your office removal, you can relax and have the ultimate peace of mind knowing that experts are there to handle your move.

    Inclusive Services – Better Quality

    Our office removals company deals with all types of moves to provide comprehensive services to our clients.

    Local Office Removal: Our company provides local office removal services to move you within the same zone or region and make your move easy by assisting you in every removal task.

    National Office Removal: When it comes to long distance office removals, we offer quality removal services to relocate your business across the UK anywhere, anytime.

    Small Office Removal: Our small office removal service provides customised solutions to fit your specific needs; if you need to move your small business or a home office, we can help you.

    Large Office Removal: Our large office removal service is designed to handle big corporate setups with bulky infrastructure. Our office removal specialists specialise in planning, coordinating and ensuring a successful relocation for large offices.

    We Handle All Types of Items

    We deal with all types of items in our office removal services to ensure maximum ease for our clients.

    • Office furniture, such as desks, chairs, cabinets, bookshelves, and conference tables
    • Electronic equipment such as computers, printers, copiers, servers, and telephones
    • Sensitive documents, files, and records, retail inventory and fixtures
    • Office supplies such as stationery, books, and promotional materials
    • Artwork, sculptures, and other decorative items
    • Speciality items such as lab equipment, medical equipment, and trade show exhibits
    • Industrial equipment, such as machinery and heavy tools.

    Trust Us for Smooth & Convenient Office Relocations

    With an experience of over one decade, Quality Removal Services is a name of trust when it comes to easy, affordable and customer-friendly office removal services. Housing a skilled team of office removal staff and equipped with the latest tools, equipment and vehicles, we offer tailored and flexible plans to serve our clients best. With a dedication to excellent customer service, you can trust us for quality services that speak their worth.

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    Areas We Cover
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