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    The office removal process requires keen attention to detail due to the involvement of more people and resources. The selection of experienced professionals and staff preparation plays an essential role in the seamless execution of office removals. It becomes more complicated when it is an IT department as more technical details and wiring are involved.

    Quality Removal Services provides reliable office removals in Stratford. Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, our expert team of relocators is devoted to providing a secure and stress-free transition to your new workspace.

    We Offer Swift Office Removals

    Selecting the appropriate professionals for your removal service in Stratford is crucial for a smooth relocation. Below are some of the reasons why you should trust Quality Removal Services for your office removals in Stratford.

    • Experienced Specialists: Our company has employed an experienced team of business movers and packers who are skilled in handling office removals of all sizes.
    • Fully Licenced and Insured: Our office removal services in Stratford are completely registered, licenced, insured, and in compliance with local regulations to provide you peace of mind during your office moving process.
    • Range of Services: We are known for our comprehensive solutions, providing packing and storage services to meet all your removal needs.
    • Cost-Efficient Solutions: We offer transparent and cost-efficient solutions without compromising on our quality of service, to ensure you get the best value against your investment.
    • Same-Day Service: Our same day service is designed to facilitate your urgent and emergency relocation needs, where our movers will provide stress-free relocation of your office within a day.
    • Fleet of Vehicles: Our fleet is composed of powerful vehicles and experienced drivers to guarantee secure and swift relocation of your office.
    Office Removals in Stratford


    Factors to Look for When Moving Your Office

    Our pricing range for office removals is broad, influenced by several factors:

    • The distance to cover by our movers when relocating your office could affect the pricing, as will the floor of the building where your office is located.
    • The amount of your office furniture to be relocated can influence the van size and required workforce, which in turn sees a rise in the price of relocation.
    • The complexity of the move determines the level of skill and attention to detail required from our professionals, which can increase the price of the move.
    • The requirement of additional services such as packing and storage can also increase your office removal price, as more of our specialists will be required to perform it efficiently.
    • The price can also be affected by the time you choose for your office removals; prices are high during weekends – the prime moving time for offices.

    Let Us Move Your Office in Stratford!

    To ensure that your business move in Stratford is in expert hands, get in touch with us, and we will guarantee a hassle-free office move. Our friendly team of experts is always ready to provide a thorough consultation and a quote for your smooth transition to your new office space.


    The cost of office removals depends on several factors, such as distance, complexity and load to transport. However, the average cost is calculated to be between £75 and £150 per hour.

    The time for moving an office depends on its size, but it takes an average of one to four weeks to move an office to a new location.

    The types of office removals include:

    • Internal office removals
    • National office removals
    • Local office removals
    • International office removals
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