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Several packaging materials are used while packing items. We use cardboard boxes. We also use corrugated boxes of different sizes. This way, everything conceivable can be transported in them.

Not all boxes are the same. Fragile items are packed in special boxes / cartons. These have an extra layer of thickness for added protection.

Packaging tape is another material. This is used on the outside of boxes. This may seem commonplace to you. But we are professionals. We take a lot of care in choosing the right kind of packing tape. This is then used to seal the boxes that contain your valuable items.

There are actually different types of packing tape available in the market. These are also available at varying prices. We select the one that is guaranteed to keep your boxes sealed.

We do not want anything from the inside getting out. We also do not want anything from the outside getting in.

Every item is packed just right

Everything is packed using the right packaging materials and in the right way.

Bubble wrap is another packaging material that we use. There may be non-fragile items to be moved. These are packed by us tightly using bubble wrap.

Bubble wrap is generally used for transporting fragile items. These include electronic devices.

Electronics are highly prone to damage. There are many electronic components and devices manufactured outside the UK. They come in to the United Kingdom wrapped with this packaging material. This helps prevent damage.

This is the same level of care that we offer to non-fragile items.

So what about items that are fragile? We look at the size of the item first. We then decide which packaging material(s) would be best suited for the purpose.

There may be large items, like say a plasma or LCD screen. We use special boxes that can carry only one screen inside per box. The screen would be supported by foam blocks while in the box. The foam blocks absorb any shocks during the move. This rules out any possibility of damage.

We would do the same for a mirror.

There may also be smaller items like china or glassware. We examine the object(s) first. We may then choose to use butcher’s paper. Using newspaper tends to transfer the ink onto the item being wrapped. This leaves behind a mess.

Butcher’s paper is strong. It is called so because it was originally used by butchers to pack meat. Just imagine how strong it must be to support a pound of beef. It is also flexible enough that it wraps around the meat. Meat, as you know, has no predefined shape. This quality is what makes it ideal for packaging fragile items.

We also use packing peanuts. These are used for filling in the gaps. These are just as important.

There may be forces that exert pressure from the outside. These may cause part of an object to move inward. This results in things getting broken or bent. We definitely do not want your items to be distorted during the move.

Packing peanuts resist this pressure. Your items stay just the way they were.

With us, your stuff is in the right hands!

We use plastic moving covers for your furniture. This way, they are not exposed to grime. They also do not get stained during the moving process.

There may be clothes that cannot be folded. This may include an expensive business suit or cocktail dress. We also use tall wardrobe boxes. They are then transported. They are also placed in their new environments. They do not get creased from folding.

We also use air pillows. This minimises damage in transit.

There are also truck ties and moving bands. We use them to hold everything in place. They are used when things are moved using a truck or van.

Contact us to obtain our packaging material price list and  to place your order.

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