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Packing It Right:

Our team are experts when it comes to the art of moving, we know how to pack your belongings right. We will only use packaging material that is right for the job.

If you choose our packing service North Finchley, the first thing we will do is arrange a home visit. This will allow us to examine the different items that need packing and moving. We will also inspect the larger items and determine if they need dismantling.

Our visit will determine the packaging materials and the quantity needed. We will only ever supply and use packaging materials of the highest quality.

The visit will also help us decide how many men it will take to complete both the packing and the move.

Handling With Care:

We take great care when handling your fragile and non-fragile items. We use acid paper to pack glass-ware and corrugated cardboard boxes for heavier items.

Moving Day:

On the actual move day, we study whether any damage would happen to your items if we used the elevator (assuming you have one!). If that is a possibility, we take the stairs. We would do this no matter how many flights of stairs there may be.

If taking the stairs may cause damage to your belongings, we use the elevator. We see to it that the lift cabin is not damaged in the process.

If both the stairs and the elevator may cause damage, we take your items out through the window if possible.

You can trust us to look after your belongings; even the smallest scratch is unacceptable to us. When it comes to offering a service that is high in efficiency and quality, you can count on us.

So if you’re looking for a removal company that offers a packing service North Finchley gives us a call.

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