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Our professionals are experts in everything that needs to be moved. We know how to pack it right. We use the right packaging materials. This way, there will be no damage to your goods.

We first come over. We then examine the different items that need to be moved. We also inspect the large items. We do this to see if they can be dismantled. Do not worry. Before doing this, we check if it can be put back together. We study how to do this beforehand.

We handle everything with care

We do not dismantle everything. We dismantle items only if required. We dismantle large and medium-sized items. They are then packed according to their nature.

They may be non-fragile items. We pack them the way fragile items are packed by other companies.

If they are fragile, we handle and pack them with even more care. We use the best techniques known to man.

We have a lot of experience in the field. We are familiar with just about every item that needs to be moved.

You can rest assured that everything will arrive at its destination safely. This will happen without any damage whatsoever. We also consider the area(s) that your belongings go through. These are between the original resting place or the destination and the van.

We study whether any damage would happen to your items if we used the elevator. If that is a possibility, we take the stairs. We would do this no matter how many flights of steps there may be.

If taking the stairs may cause damage to your belongings, we use the elevator. We see to it that the lift cabin is not damaged in the process. We are committed to the safety of your precious belongings.

If both the stairs and the elevator may cause damage, we take it out through the window.

You can trust our expertise. We see everything through. Even the smallest nick or scratch is worrisome to us. We are fussy that way.

You can call us for all your London removals needs. It can be home removals London or office removals London.

We tell you for free how many packing professionals would be needed. We do not force this upon you. We let you take your time and decide.

Having one man over instead of two is cheaper. However, this takes longer. It should not be a concern if you have time on your hands. You can also lend a hand to the packing process. This would speed things up. Our personnel are only happy to work with you.

We also unpack everything and re-assemble everything that was dismantled. This way, you get your belongings at the new place the same way they were before the move.

To find out more  about our packaging services please call us  we are here to help.

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