Moving your home or office is hardest when it comes to protecting your valuables. You must consider the best packaging materials to do this. Packaging should protect your items.

It may seem smart to get free used cardboard boxes from local supermarkets to save money on packaging. Professionally, this is a bad idea. Local store boxes aren’t good for stacking heavy items, from what we’ve seen. This can break your belongings.

Save money on packing in various ways, including:

  • Buying packing supplies from online stores like Amazon
  • Buying packing supplies from a storage company like Big Yellow Self Storage
  • Buying boxes and packing supplies from a moving company

You can buy packing supplies and pack yourself, or you can hire a moving company to do it. This depends on how much money you have for the move and how convenient it is. Some people don’t have enough time to pack their homes because of work or other obligations.

A professional removal firm that packs your belongings must use high-quality packaging materials because they are liable for any damage. The removal company should take care to pack your possessions in the most effective method to keep them safe and secure throughout transport.

Below is a list of all the packing supplies you or a moving company will require.

Packaging & Accessories

High-quality cardboard boxes are comprised of layered or corrugated paper and can easily pack heavy and light items. You can pack anything in corrugated cardboard boxes. Corrugated cardboard boxes come in a variety of sizes and forms.

  • Large Cardboard Box: Ideal for transporting bulky, heavy objects like stuffed toys, pillows, blankets, winter clothes, and other valuables
  • Short Cardboard Box: Great for relocating modest household objects. The strong Short moving box protects your possessions.
  • Small Cardboard Box: Can hold heavy tools, canned goods, books, and CDs.
  • Tall Wardrobe Box: Ideal for transporting gowns and longer clothes. The hanging rail simplifies closet-to-box clothing transfer.
  • Standard bubble wrap: This protects valuables since the unique plastic composition with inbuilt air pockets absorbs shock upon impact.
  • Brown Tape: Heavy-duty brown tape secures your valuables. Bubble wrap, boxes, and other packaging can use the tape.
  • Fragile Tape: Use fragile printed tape to secure fragile goods when moving. The tape warns movers that the box contains fragile goods.
  • Marker Pen: Are essential. Keep one in each area while packing to properly mark boxes and labels without blurring or fading.
  • Stretch Wrap: High-quality polythene makes clear pallet stretch/shrink wrap. It is tear-resistant and perfect for shipping items. Each roll is lengthy and easy to apply due to its cardboard core.
  • Acid-Free Tissue: Protects delicate jewellery, and glassware from breaking or tarnishing when moving.
  • Mattress Protector: The plastic mattress cover protects mattresses from damages when moving home.

Final Word:

Moving boxes and supplies are expensive if you don’t shop around. Quality Removal Services sells cheap packaging. We use industry-leading packaging. Contact us for packaging advice.

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