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Different Kinds of Packing Boxes Used for Moving

When you are shifting or relocating to a new place, the most worrisome and overwhelming task is to transport your goods safely to your new destination. To transfer your belongings properly and keep them intact you must ensure that right and quality packing boxes are used while packing your items.

If you hire a reputed and trusted removal company for your shifting, then they will provide you the right packing box for proper packaging of all your possessions. But in case you opt for packing your things yourself and choose a mover only to transfer your things, then you must know the right kind of packing boxes in London for proper packaging your different items.

Make use of suitable cartons that are suitable for transferring your goods and ensure less chance of damage. You must avoid using boxes too heavy boxes that can break or too light that can crush when they are arranged in the moving vehicle.

Packing boxes in London

Varied Packing Boxes for Effective Packaging

  • Cartons

Made of layered paper, cartons are quite strong to pack heavy weight goods. You can utilise this packing box for packaging any sort of item. These are available in multiple shapes and sizes from which you have to pick the right kind for your different belongings. The different carton sizes are explained as follows.

  • Book or Small Carton (1.5 Cubic Foot)

This carton is suitable to be used for general-purpose packaging. Typically, the heaviest and the smallest items are packed in this size of the carton. It is ideal to pack heavy equipment or tools, canned goods, books, CDs and many more in this carton.

  • Medium Carton (3.0 Cubic Foot)

Known as a workhouse carton, this medium carton is appropriate for packing small, as well as heavy things. These include small kitchen appliances, small tools, lamp bases, electronic gadgets, pots and pans and others.

  • Medium Carton (4.5 Cubic Foot)

Another variant of the workhouse carton, this is suitable for storing the big items. This carton can be considered to pack larger dishes, lamps and vases, lampshades, non-breakable kitchen items, children’s toys, soft blankets, linens and many more.

  • Large Carton (6.0 or 6.5 Cubic Foot)

It is appropriate for the larger, bulkier and hard-to-carry items like stuffed toys, pillows, heavy blankets, winter clothes, area rugs and other things.

  • Corrugated Cardboard Boxes

One of the most extensively used packing boxes in London with versatile usage, this corrugated cardboard box comes in variable shapes and sizes. This variant of the packaging box is strong enough to provide maximum protection to your belongings and doesn’t damage the surface of your things. When not in use, you can fold the box and store it in a convenient place. Quite economical, this box is one of the most practical packing materials.

  • Wooden Box

Wooden boxes are usually utilised for an international move and pack heavy commodities. You can even use this packing material for long distance shifting. These are also found in a variety of sizes and shapes.

  • Modular Box

A wide range of modular boxes, such as mattress boxes, designed boxes, packer boxes, cushioned boxes and others are used by the removal companies to pack good for safe transportation. This packing material is ideal to pack fragile items to transport them safely. Moreover, these boxes are pre-cushioned that provide maximum protection to the delicate things and prevents them from breaking.

The Bottom Line

Packing your possessions while moving or relocating to a new location is not easy. This article shares with you the different kinds of packing boxes in London to guide you to pick the right one for packaging your belongings. However, it is always better to hand over this responsibility to a professional packer and mover company and hire them to carry out your whole moving process smoothly and conveniently.

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