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Removal Prices

What is the most important part of the removal process? Anyone who has been through it will tell you that a removal’s success can be measured by how easy and stress-free it was regardless of how far you are moving. It does not matter how far you need your belonging moved, across town, across the country, or all the way over to the ends of the EU. We are here to help you do it in a way that fits your need. The first step is to go through our existing packages and find one that works for you, including the pricing.

The vast majority of moving companies are reluctant to display their prices on their website; the only way a would-be customer can get a price is to often phone them directly or complete an online form. Sometimes we just want to be anonymous and get an idea of cost without the need to have someone trying to hard sell to us. This is certainly not the case for us as you can obtain our prices online by simply searching the following term on google “removal companies near me london”.


A fixed-rate scheme is good for you if you have a large home or office that needs to be moved over a long distance. If your house removal london or office removal london is large, or if you think it will be complicated, call us for an estimate beforehand. We will send in an expert to have a look around and come up with a rate.

Once again we are so transparent and proud of our competitive pricing that we allow you to obtain our prices online by simply entering the following term in the search engines “removal companies near me london” and our full pricing list is readily available to you.

Hourly Rate

An hourly rate price is best suited for those who have a small number of belongings to move. A small apartment/flat, office, or even your student accommodation can be moved swiftly and with ease. If you are well aware of the distance to travel, the number of belongings you have, and other such moving details, hourly rates will work for you. It is recommended that you have all your belonging already boxed up and ready to go as soon as we arrive at your home so that that we can quickly and efficiently load them into our vans.

For all those customers looking for a cheap local removal company to complete their move assuming you have obtained a removal company from your search online for “removal companies near me london” our hourly rate is perfectly suited for you since it allows you the flexibility to only pay for the time your move takes to complete.

Guide prices removals London

    Self Load One men Two men Three men
  Per hour / 2 hr Min £30.00 £45.00 £70.00 £90.00
  Per half day (Up to 4 hrs) £120.00 £180.00 £280.00 £360.00
  Per day (Up to 8 hrs) £240.00 £360.00 £560.00 £720.00

*All our vans come fully equipped with blankets straps, trolleys and GPS
*All prices are inclusive of VAT


Contact us to obtain prices for our packing, dismantling & re-assembling services

Surcharges local removals

  • A charge of £5.00 per man will be applied for each flight of stairs per floor (lift free)
  • A charge of £25.00 will be applied if access to entry is over 30 feet
  • For moves in a Congestion Zone, a charge of £11.50 will be applied (if applicable)
  • Prices for local moves (5 mile radius) a charge of £1.00 applied for each extra mile
  • A £25 pickup charge applied for moves outside London postcodes (within the M25)
  • A £25.00 out of hours (8:00am – 6:00pm) charge will be applied


Guide prices removals from London to rest of the UK

    Self Load One men Two men Three men
  South Midlands £250.00 £350.00 £480.00 £600.00
  North Midlands £300.00 £450.00 £650.00 £800.00
  South England £250.00 £350.00 £480.00 £600.00
  Far South England £250.00 £350.00 £480.00 £600.00
  South Wales* £350.00 £500.00 £700.00 £850.00
  Mid Wales £400.00 £550.00 £800.00 £1000.00
  West England £300.00 £450.00 £650.00 £800.00
  Far West England £600.00 £750.00 £1100.00 £1300.00
  North England £450.00 £550.00 £800.00 £1000.00
  Far North England £650.00 £900.00 £1300.00 £1600.00
  Northern Ireland* £900.00 £1200.00 £1700.00 £2100.00
  South Scotland £700.00 £700.00 £920.00 £1600.00
  North Scotland £800.00 £1100.00 £1450.00 £1750.00
  • Toll charges apply
  • All our vans come fully equipped with blankets straps, trolleys, and GPS
  • All prices are inclusive of VAT


Please note that the listed prices above are estimations, the total cost of your move may or may not be cheaper. Contact us to obtain a precise cost for your move.

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