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Our home and office clearance service in London is a popular service and we often find ourselves completely swamped with work.
So what exactly is a clearance? A house or office clearance involves much more than the collection of unwanted items. For us, as a green company, there’s the added responsibility of disposing of any unwanted items that we remove from homes or offices in a safe and environmentally friendly way.
A house clearance service can be both beneficial to land lords, home buyers, sellers or anyone else for that matter that requires such a service. This is because more often than not there will come a time when old furniture or any other bits of unwanted items need to be disposed. As we acquire new stuff the old stuff needs to be gotten rid off.

Land Lords

Land lords are constantly dealing with tenant requests and the acquisition of new properties; this means that Quality Removal Services is kept busy performing land lord requests, which is often clearing out old, broken and unwanted furniture.


As a buyer you usually have an agreement with the seller on the items to be left and those to be removed from the property. But unfortunately even after coming to agreement more often than not when the sale has gone through and the keys have been exchanged, you will on the odd occasion find that the seller has not fully honored their end of the agreement and left those items they promised to clear. This is where we come in useful. Our clearance service will remove all those items left behind by the seller in a speedy and efficient time. We understand that this is obviously an added inconvenience and expense to the buyer this is why our prices are competitive and affordable under the circumstances


If you’ve been living in the house that you’ve recently sold for many years, chances are you have acquired many items, some useful and some not so useful. When selling your property and moving to a new home you will in most cases be looking at buying new furniture and disposing of the old ones. Our home clearance service is ideal for you in this case. We are happy to visit your sold home and see all the items of furniture or other bits and bobs you need to get rid of and offer you a competitive and fair price for this service.


Over the years as a business grows and becomes technologically more advanced, new furniture and equipment are acquired and the old ones need to be disposed. Clearing your old office furniture equipments and other unwanted items can be an arduous task if you decided to do this yourself or as we call it ‘DIY clearance’. This is often because many people under estimate the scale of the task at hand. We recently performed an office clearance in London for a fashion company who were scaling down their operation and moving to a smaller office.
The customer contacted us to enquire about us performing this task but also informed us that they were on a tight budget and could only afford to cover for the cost of two men and one large box Luton van to complete their office clearance. A budget constraint on this occasion was not a particularly feasible or a wise idea, simply because the task at hand could not be completed with the budget allocated, the man-power or the vehicle requested. The customer under estimated the scale and cost of this office clearance enormously.
We strongly advise completing a survey of your office clearance before offering a price to perform the task, because failure to do so will invariably end up costing you more. Also avoid placing a speculative price on the cost of your office clearance since unfortunately you are not in a position to do so. There are many factors that need to be taken into consideration before providing a price for your office clearance. If you’re not a professional office clearance company you would not be privy to these factors.

Quality Removal Services take care to ensure that any item that is recyclable finds its’ way to a recycling centre instead of a landfill. We consider ourselves to be a responsible social company. This is because we ensure that all items in good condition from an office clearance go to a suitable charity.

Who does it benefit?

Our house or office clearance service is particularly beneficial to people or businesses looking to:
• De-clutter
• Minimise or
• Free up some extra room in a property or office.
So if you’re in need of our house or office clearance services our well-trained, polite and uniformed team will be on hand to help. We will arrive at your property or office in our large vans and get to work on clearing all your unwanted items. Upon completion, we will leave your property or office spotless and free from any of debris.

What’s the cost of a clearance?

The cost of any particular house or office clearance varies and it is not possible to offer a single set price.
There are certain factors which impact the cost of a house or office clearance, these are:
• The size of property or office that needs clearing
• The items that need clearing particularly the weight and quantity etc
• The manpower required to perform the clearance
• The van or truck size required to perform the clearance
• The time required to complete the clearance
We will be able to offer a competitive quote once we have all the answers to the questions above.

Average cost of a clearance

In our experience we tend to find that the average cost of a house or office clearance can range from:
• 1 bed property: £400 – £500
• 2 bed property: £600 – £800
• 3 bed property: £900 +
Please note that the prices listed above are approximations only based on our previous experience. These prices should not be taken literally because the cost of your house or office clearance may or may not be cheaper. The above prices are best suited for standard and cluttered houses or offices only. For extreme hoarded house or office clearance a site survey would be strongly recommended before a price is offered; since every hoarded house or office has its own complexities and a set of potential problems.
So if you would like a competitive quote for our house or office clearance services contact us today or book a service.

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