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Even the thought of moving home or office is a frightening prospect, imagine taking into account the realisation of actual having to begin the arduous task of packing your belongings. No body that we have come across likes packing if fact some people even shun this task and hope that they can wing it on the day the removal men turn up!
It doesn’t matter if you’re moving from a room, a 4 bedroom house or even a mansion this task is not a pleasant one (depending on whom you are). This is why it can be a smart idea to hire a removal company to perform this task for you. Yes it may cost you but, this is a trade off between stress and harmony.
Not all removal companies offer a packing service, so it is always wise to ask any removal company that you contact if this is a service they provide. We advice that you do your home work or due diligence as we in the industry like to call it, when choosing a removal company for this service:
• Make sure the removal company assures you this is a service they provide.
• Make sure the removal company has some form of presence online.
• Make sure the removal company has the necessary insurance provision.
• Make sure the removal company is able to provide a written quote for this service.
The process of packing up and moving your belongings from an old home or office to a new home or office and then having to unpack is a strenuous activity and is not easy without any professional help. Let us tell you the advantages of employing a removal company to perform this task for you.

Providing Packaging Materials

When you employ a professional removal company to perform your packing for you, they will in most cases be able to supply all the necessary packing materials required to complete the task at hand. A professional home packing service involves the use of trained and experienced personnel who are adept at packing all your’ belonging in a secure and safe manner. They employ all the necessary packing techniques to ensure that all packed items arrive at their intended destination in one piece and unscathed.

Packing and Unpacking Items

The whole process of packing, moving, and unpacking your belonging can be a laborious and often time-consuming task. You’ve finally managed to pack everything and it all looks neat and tidy, you’re just waiting for the moving day and the removal men to turn-up. At this point it’s easy to think that you’re on the final home run; you’d be suffering fools gladly if this is the case. The final piece of the jigsaw after moving to a new home or office is the unpacking process which may take days, weeks if not months, to complete. You can save valuable time simply by hiring a professional removal company to perform both the packing and unpacking for you so that your time can be better spent on other probably more important tasks.

Helping Hand

If you’ve decided on a Do It Yourself removal, you have the added pressure of finding people to help you with your move and this often involves roping in family and friends (at times kicking and screaming!) to chip in. What we tend to find in most cases is that they always seem to let you down on the big day. All of a sudden they have that thing they have to do or they misplaced their phone on that particular day and your endless calls go unanswered. When you hire a professional home moving company you don’t have the unenviable task of finding help or labour to load and unload your belongings. The professional movers that often arrive to assist with your move are pleasant, courteous and will bend over backwards to accommodate your needs. Don’t look for the cheap option this will end up stressing you out and costing you.

Insurance and Claims

Reputable and professional home moving companies all offer Goods in Transit insurance cover to protect your belongings whilst being transferred from one place to another. This is the first thing you should ask your chosen moving company and in most cases the level of cover being offered should be documented in any subsequent written quotation that they provide you. This is often the peace of mind needed to proceed on with confidence. If a removal company fails to provide you with a written quotation or fails to document their insurance coverage level, then you should avoid them like the plague, and immediate red flags should be raised.
Another critical document that should also be sent to you by your chosen moving company is their terms and conditions and within this document should be a section detailing how they deal with complaints and claims for grievance. If a moving company does not present you with a set of their terms and conditions, please don’t touch them with a barge pole as this is a clear indication that all is not well. You really would be stepping into the abyss if you chose to proceed on with them.
So for further details on selecting the best moving company for you Contact us today and tell us what you need we are here to help. We always look forward to hearing from you.

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