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Are you in the process of moving home? They do say along with marriage, losing a loved one and child birth; moving home is one of the most stressful things you will encounter in life. Many people quite often choose to move home on their own (do it yourself removal), roping in family members and friends and hiring a van for the occasion.
If your move is not planned right, this can end up being a horrible experience and one which you may wish to avoid. Instead of doing the process on your own, consider hiring a removal company to help you move painlessly and efficiently. Whether you’re moving house in barking or anywhere in London for that matter, Quality Removal Services can help you complete your move smoothly and with minimum fuss. Hiring a professional and established local moving company (like us) gives you peace of mind, since the service you will receive is a personal and engaging one.
If after exhaustively searching the internet for home moving companies, assuming you have not been recommended one. You had the misfortune of hiring a local removal company who appeared to have a good reputation, based on the few customer reviews you read on their website. However, you have been unlucky on this occasion and have fallen into the trap of hiring a removal company, who have failed to ask the right questions, before hurriedly taking your deposit, confirming your booking, and arriving on the day ill equipped for the job at hand, and with the wrong size vehicle to move your belongings. So once again whether you’re moving house in barking or moving house in London, Quality Removal Services is the reputable moving company you need to contact for a hassle free and painless house removals.
Check out our top 7 tips below to selecting the right bunch of removal companies to help you with your move on the big day:

1. Make online searches for home moving companies

It is a common practice these days to search for practically anything online; this is often a good place to start when looking for local moving companies. You can type queries such as “removal companies near me”. This will bring up results for removal companies which are generally local to you. Your filtering mechanism needs to be in play here since the results you get back will be extensive, so you need to decide which removal companies are genuine and following good practices and the ones which seem a little off. After narrowing down and selecting several local removal companies from the search results, the final thing you need to do before choosing a moving company is compare their prices and other options.

2. Check a comparison website with reviews

Reading the feedbacks written by the customers about moving companies is a great way of choosing your ideal removal company. You can also get bonuses in some comparison sites for using them. In addition to this, try to score a few free offers if you prefer to use one.

3. Get written quotation from your chosen removal Company

Now, ask for a written quotation from your chosen removal company, make sure the quote is obtained in plenty of time, preferably about a month before your move. Before that consider what services you require from them, inform them whether you need a house removal or office removal service. Also be sure to inform the removal company of any special requirements such as any fragile or electronic items you would like to be packed with extra care or any other request which you may have that you feel is important. If you would like your items packed and stored by the chosen removal company just ask them if this is a service they also offer, they will gladly provide you with a quote if this is the case.

4. Secure a pre-move visual survey

If you’re unsure about the size of your move or what the cost of your move may be, you could consider requesting a home visit from your chosen removal company so that they can perform a survey to determine the quantity of what is to be moved and the likely time it will take to complete your move. After this survey the chosen removal company will be able to give you the estimated cost for your. Prices for moving house London or moving house barking vary so you will need to make sure that your chosen removal company is aware of your budget.
This will also allow you the opportunity to ask any questions which you may have about your chosen removal company, their working practices, insurance cover and son on. If they have fully satisfied you and you feel at ease with them, then this company is your right choice.

5. Check the services offered

Be sure to ask for all the services offered before you commit to your chosen removal company. Check whether your chosen removal company will provide the services that meet all your requirements.

6. Check the insurance coverage offered

All removal companies (credible ones!) offer insurance coverage of the goods they will be moving. This insurance coverage is known as Goods in Transit (GIT) and has different coverage levels. Make sure you know about the level of coverage your chosen removal company provides before confirming your move with them.

7. Know about the complaints policy

Although you may not need to do it, it is a good idea to be sure whether your chosen removal company has a complaints policy or not. A good credible removal company will not have any issues with you in this case. Make sure you request their terms and conditions (if one has not been provided). Make sure that you also familiarise yourself with their terms and conditions and ask any questions concerning any terms which appear hazy to you.


These top tips will hopefully help you to choose the right removal company that will aid you in efficiently moving from an old to a new home. Remember this famous quote “he who fails to prepare, prepare to fail”. Preparation is key to a successful and pain free home move.
So for any further advice on move moving tips or to book our first class house removals London feel free to contact us and tell us what you need, we are here to help.

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