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Are you looking for a company that specialises in office moves barnet? if so you’ve just found us; we are a company that values all our customers and are equally passionate about what we do and how we do it. We completely understand how important it is for a business to have all its critical items carefully and skilfully; loaded; transferred and set up at its new location efficiently.

Time is always of the essence when we perform any move; ‘time is money’ as the old adage goes; it is always our goal to complete all moves in a timely and efficient manner and thus minimise productivity and downtime to our business customers. Delays more often than not result in the loss of valuable business or clients; this is why we always aim to minimise interruption in the continuity of your business by engaging with all the necessary parties prior.

Timing Is Everything:

With all business moves, it strongly advised that they are completed after working hours; this allows our team to prepare and move everything overnight when it is less hectic as we aim to have everything up and ready for you to start working immediately the following day.

We can also perform your business move over the weekend; this is probably the best option if the company is in no position to lose even a single working weekday.

Our team is conscientious and happy to pack everything with meticulous attention; they will handle all delicate equipment correctly and transport them with great care. If there are any large items, which maybe pose a challenge to transport whole; we will inspect them to see if they need dismantling. If this is the case we will only do so if we are confident that they can be re-assembled back together at the new location.

Meticulous Planning:

All this requires a considerable amount of planning in advance to ensure that everything goes smoothly on the day. Quality removal services strongly recommend that a site survey is performed prior to the commencement of your business move. We would be more than delighted to come over and discuss with the relevant management team any specific requirements which the business may have in relation to the move. This will also allow us to get an understanding of the scale of the project the possible manpower and van or truck size required for its successful completion. This, in turn, will allow us to offer extremely competitive and accurate quotes.

Forging Relationships:

During the planning stage, we will work closely with the relevant team to determine the specific items that need transporting and the exact location where it needs to be placed in your new location. We will be on hand to cater for your every need; rest assured that no request will be too much for us to perform. We will place everything down to the last item exactly where you need it; this will be completed on time and with due care and attention.

Our team are experts in the art of office moves barnet; When it comes to performing your business move we are on hand to help to complete it successfully.

Just to give you more reassurance our insurance covers your items against damage in transit.

For all your office moves barnet, get in touch with us; we are more than happy to help. Check price or book online services tell us what you need we are here to help. We always look forward to hearing from you.

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