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When it comes to moving your home or office, the most difficult part of this is ensuring that all your valued possessions get to their intended destination in one piece and without blemish.
In order to do this successfully you need to consider the type of suitable packaging materials that will accomplish this task. When you’re in the process of purchasing packaging the most important things you need to consider is the quality of the packaging that you will be using to pack your belongings.
To save on packaging costs many people choose to get free used cardboard boxes from their local superstores, although this may seem like a savvy idea. This from a professional point is not good. These boxes obtained from your local stores in our experience are poor quality and not well suited to be filled with heavy items and stacked on top of each other. So as a result of this you end up with damaged belongings.
There are many ways in which you can be savvy when it comes to saving money on packaging, these include:

• Purchasing packaging materials from online retailers such as Amazon
• Purchasing packaging materials from a retail outlet such as Argos like carton boxes, pallet wrap from Argos,
• Purchasing packaging materials from a retail outlet such as Screw Fix for pallet stretch wrap,
• Purchasing packaging materials from a removal company

Packaging obtained from the above sources offer good quality, durability and value for money.
The last option from the list above is probably the most practical and convenient solution to purchasing packaging materials.
Do ensure that you hire a reputable removal company that can provide you with the best quality packaging materials at a reasonable cost.
You can both purchase the packaging materials and pack yourself or alternatively you can employ a removal company to pack for you. This all depends on your budget for the move and also comes down to convenience. Some people simply don’t have enough time to pack their homes due to work and other commitments.
A professional removal company should only use packaging materials of the highest quality; this is because they are liable for any damage that is caused to your belonging if they perform the packing service. So due care and attention should be exercised by the employed removal company to ensure that all your belongings are packed in the most efficient way to allow them to be safe and secure whilst in transit to their intended destination.
So whether you’ve decided to pack yourself or hired a removal company to do it for you, it’s always nice to know the selection of packaging materials that is required to pack your move successfully and with minimum fuss. Below is a detailed list of all the necessary packaging that either yourself or a removal company will need to complete your packing.

Packaging & Accessories

Good quality cardboard boxes should be made of layered or corrugated paper, these cardboard boxes will be strong versatile and allow the packing of heavy and lightweight goods effortlessly. Corrugated cardboard boxes can be utilised for packing any sort of item or belonging. Corrugated cardboard boxes are available in multiple shapes and sizes from which you can select the desired kind for your different belongings.

Large Cardboard Box (500x500x457 mm)
The large corrugated cardboard box is perfect for moving the larger, bulkier and hard-to-carry items like stuffed toys, pillows, heavy blankets, winter clothes and other items of belongings from one location to another.

From: £4.00 each

Short Cardboard Box (457x457x250 mm)
The Short corrugated cardboard box is the ideal cardboard box for moving smaller household items from one location to another. The Short moving box is robust and sturdy, ensuring your valuables are safe and secure.

From: £3.50 each

Tall Cardboard Box (457x457x750 mm)
The tall corrugated cardboard box is ideal if you have tall items that need to be moved from one location to another safely.

From: £3.50 each

Small Cardboard Box (457x333x333 mm)
The Small corrugated cardboard box is suitable for heavy equipment or tools, canned goods, books and CDs etc.

From: £3.00 each

Long Cardboard Box (914x457x250 mm)
The long corrugated cardboard box is suitable for the moving of longer items that would struggle to fit in a regular cardboard box

From: £3.00 each

Archive Cardboard Box with Lid (394x305x254 mm)
The robust archive box with lid is perfect for transporting important documents from one location to another. The archive box is also sturdy and durable, ensuring your important documents are kept safe.

From: £3.50 each

Computer Moving Box (560x560x560 mm)
The computer moving box is ideal for moving computer screens, laptops monitors, keyboards and accessories. The computer moving box allows protection when moving home or office. You can also protect your IT equipment with our keyboards bags and monitor protective covers to ensure the safety of your computer equipment when moving.

From: £9.00 each

Mirror/Picture Cardboard Box (829x560x113 mm)
The mirror/picture carton is designed for the safe transportation of mirrors and pictures from one location to another. This is designed to protect valuables and ensure they are safe during moves.

From: £3.50 each

Tall Wardrobe Box (508x451x1220mm)
The tall wardrobe box is the perfect box for the transportation of long clothes, including dresses when moving home. The hanging rail allows easy transportation from your wardrobe to the box, keeping your clothes neat and organised.

From: £10.50 each

Bubble Wrap Standard (300mmx100m)
The standard bubble wrap is perfect for protecting your valuable items. This protects valuables due to the special type of plastic material that is used with integral air pockets absorb shock upon impact.

From: £52.00

Brown Tape (48mm width x 66m roll length)
The Brown tape is heavy duty which helps ensure your valuables are packed securely. The tape can be used for general packaging including bubble wrap and boxes.

From: £2.50 per roll

Fragile Printed Tape (48mm wide x 66m roll length)
The fragile printed tape can help you ensure your fragile items are secure and safe when moving from one location to the next. The tape will alert removal men that there are fragile items within the box and care must be taken when handling

From: £2.50 per roll

Packing Tape Gun Dispenser 50mm (2”)
A parcel tape dispenser makes light work of packaging and box sealing, resulting in a professional finish and potentially reducing wastage.

From: £25.00

Black Marker Pen
You can never have enough of these black marker pens. Keep one in each room as you’re packing everything up so you can mark all your boxes and labels clearly and without fear of smudging or fading.

From: £2.50 each

Stretch Wrap (400mm x 250m 17 micron thickness)
Clear pallet stretch / shrink wrap is manufactured from high quality polythene. It has a resistance to tearing, and is ideal for wrapping and protecting goods while in transit.
With its cardboard core, it is easy to apply, with each roll having a long length, making it very cost effective.

From: £30.00

Acid-Free Tissue (508x762mm) Approx 200 sheets
Acid free tissue is ideal for wrapping and protecting delicate clothing, valuables or glassware when moving a home. The acid free tissue keeps items tarnish-free and is extremely light weight.

From: £22.00

Carpet Protector 600mm x 100m
The clear stair stick is the perfect solution for protecting the stairs/carpet when moving or renovating the house or office. This will protect the stair/carpet floor against any damage or stains that might occur when removal men are moving in and out of a property.

From: £80.00

Mattress Protector (3’6”, 5’0”, 6’0”)
The plastic mattress cover protects mattresses from damages when moving home. The cover will protect the mattress against dust and moisture.

From: £7.50

Standard Lidded Crate
The standard lidded crate is highly popular for office and home moves. They are ideal for files, they are tough, durable and weatherproof these crates can be sealed shut for extra security with our security seals. The standard lidded crates are perfect for moving a wide range of office and home items. They can be easily nested inside each other when empty and stacked when full.

From: £5.99 per week

Our Advice

When moving home there are so many aspects of your move that need to be taken into consideration, but arguably the most important factor is the packing of your possessions into boxes. You must decide whether to hire a removal company to perform this task for you or to perform it yourself. This is often a trade off between convenience and cost; because packing requires time and planning and if not sufficiently planned can become a laborious and tedious process. Be sure to sufficiently budget for moving boxes and packaging materials, which can be costly if you don’t shop around.
Quality Removal Services offer a wide selection of suitable packaging materials at very affordable rates. Our packaging is high quality and sourced from the best suppliers in the industry.
So if you require any advice on your packaging needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us today and tell us what you need we are here to help. We always look forward to hearing from you.

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