Why Use Us

We know how stressful and difficult moving house can be.

That is why we are here to be of help. We are the best removals company in London without question!

We help plan your move. Our friendly staff, coupled with our advanced fleet of vehicles, helps us do this. They pay attention to every detail. We ensure that your goods are well-taken care of during transit. This way, they arrive undamaged.

If you need a man and van London, contact us today. We can come over and give you a free estimate.

Need help with office removals London? We can do that to.

How do we ensure a stress-free move?

We come over. We make an inventory of all items that need to be moved. We also study their dimensions and their nature (fragile / non-fragile).

We then plan the actual movement. Like which items can be shipped together to utilise cabin space best. We see to it that costs are thus minimised. This is also how we contribute our part to the environment. We reduce emissions wherever possible. We think of ourselves as a ‘green’ removal service.

We do not bundle everything into vans and drive it off. We separate the fragile items from the non-fragile ones. The ones that are fragile are packed carefully. We know how expensive it can be to replace them if they get damaged. We handle and transport them with great care.

We are also aware that some items like family heirlooms cannot be replaced. No amount of compensation will suffice if they get damaged.

The items that are not fragile are not treated carelessly. We know that rough handling can cause damage.

We see if it can be dismantled. If yes, that is done. The components/parts are all then packed separately and moved.

We do this the same way when handling and transporting fragile items. We can also re-assemble the item at the destination. It will then be in the same condition as it was earlier.

Perhaps you would like to pack yourself. We can provide you with the boxes and packaging material needed. It might also be better this way. You can then figure out easily which box contains your favourite shirt.

We are only happy to help. You can load your items yourself if you want. You can always see for yourself that the interiors of our vans are clean.

Unsure of whether our drivers are good or they drive rashly? In some vans, there is a second row of seats. We allow you to use this. If this is not present, you can travel in the front co-passenger seat. We are only glad to put it at your disposal. You can travel along with your shipment in our van.

We have insurance to protect your items against damage in transit.

The best value-for-money proposition in North London

So trust us. We got every angle covered. This comes from having years of experience.

We are thorough professionals. You will not be disappointed with the quality of services that we provide.

Are we pricey? Every move presents its own set of challenges. We do not have any flat fees.

We are committed to providing the best possible rates in North London. There are no significant costs involved in us serving locations in Middlesex. Barnet. Enfield. Southgate. Hertfordshire. Wood Green.

Call us for house removals London, as well as office removals London. You might be surprised at how competitive we can be. If you are already packed, we offer our vans at hourly rates too.

Need a van on hourly rates with one helper? We would be happy to provide you with a man and van Enfield. Need a van with two helpers? Three? We can assist you with what you need.

If there is something on your mind that we have not considered, let us know and we would be happy to discuss it with you.

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